PTSD in the Media: Books for Veterans Suffering with PTSD


Win From Within

Reading books can help people feel less alone when facing challenges. Stories of those with similar experiences can be empowering and irreverent. Combat veterans experiencing feelings of isolation can find themselves in books and foster self-compassion.

Here, we’re going to talk about some great books for veterans. From powerful memoirs to fictional journeys, read on to find a literary haven to navigate the complexities of PTSD.

After the War Zone

After the War Zone isn’t just a nonfiction book about combat veterans. It’s a complete guide to returning home after combat. The book aims to offer practical strategies for coming back to normal life, especially family, after seeing the horrors of war.

The authors, Matthew J. Friedman and Laurie B. Slone, are both experts from the VA National Center for PTSD. They’re informed and experienced, so you know you’re getting effective tips and real, well-researched information.

This book is great for both vets with PTSD and military families. While it gives tips on how to cope with common reactions and can help veterans understand their symptoms, it also tells loved ones what PTSD is (and what it isn’t). It’s written in a user-friendly way for simple understanding.

You’ll understand the need for treatment and how you can get it in no time.

Down Range: To Iraq and Back

Down Range is a true story written by Ph.D. Bridget C. Cantrell and Vietnam veteran Chuck Dean. It aims to showcase the ways that life-threatening experiences and the trauma that stems from them can impact people’s normal lives post-combat.

This book looks at some effective strategies for how to make the transition from war back to civilian life. It’s great for veterans who want to make sure that they can reconnect strongly with their families and make sure that they understand the reasons that they may behave in certain ways.

It also provides information to families about PTSD symptoms like nightmares, flashbacks, and emotional numbing. In the end, this is a book about how veterans and their families can better understand each other and grow together.

The Battle Within

If you love novels and seeing yourself in fiction, The Battle Within by Alastair Luft might be the perfect book for you.

It tells the story of Hugh Dégaré, a combat veteran who is experiencing pain, helplessness, and post-war suffering. After leaving battle, he goes to a bureaucratic-military headquarters and needs to maintain his sanity and sense of reality.

The book is written by a combat veteran who understands all of the intricacies of the character’s journey. He gets help from a psychiatrist-slash-ex-soldier friend of his, but his support network still begins to fall apart. It’s a realistic look into life after combat that may help veterans feel less alone in their mental health struggles.

Healing Beyond Books for Veterans

Now that you know some books for veterans that foster a path toward healing, it’s time to seek treatment to further empower yourself.

At Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlaeger Foundation for PTSD, we’re committed to providing professional tools and resources to survivors and their families. Reach out to get more coping strategies and further assistance.

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