Meet the Team

Our Founders

No one in our organization gets paid, meaning 100% of your donation goes to those that need it

Julie Oligschlaeger

Co-Founder – Vice President

There are too many stories of Chad to share, but know that not a day goes by that he is not on my mind and am blessed to have had almost 22-years with him.

  • Mother of Christopher Paul and Chad Eric Oligschlaeger.
  • Nonna (grandmother in Italian).
  • A Marine Gold Star Mother, waging war on the reckless use of pharmaceutical drugs in our military.
  • Relentless in my advocacy for non-pharmaceutical treatments of PTSD.
  • Compassionate with our military needing the tools to combat PTSD.
  • Highly motivated to bring peace to our military suffering from PTSD after coming home from war.
  • Protective of the family unit.
  • Integrity (**warning**never ask a question if you don’t want an honest answer).
  • Employed 22-years at one of the largest banks in the US.

Eric Oligschlaeger

Co-Founder – President

In the late hours of May 17th 2008 I got a phone call from my son Chad. He was on base at 29 Palms. Normally he would have been in Phoenix for the weekend but decided to stay on base.

The medications he was taking for P.T.S.D. weren’t working very well and the side effects were getting worse. He was waiting for a bed to open at a Napa Valley facility so he could get better help.

It was the last time I talked to him. On May 21 2008, he was found dead on the floor of his room. The County Medical Examiner listed the cause of death as multiple drug toxicity. He died from the pharmaceuticals they were giving him to treat his P.T.S.D.

This is why we founded The Cpl. Chad Oligschlaeger Foundation for P.T.S.D. Please help us get our troops all the way home…PTSD is treatable and fixable without pharmaceuticals.

Our Volunteers

Jackie Pena

Jackie Pena

Secretary and Event Coordinator

I’ve been a part of the Cpl. Chad O. Foundation for PTSD since its conception in 2009. I volunteer because I know in my heart that Chad’s death could have been prevented and I don’t want others to lose anymore veterans to such a senseless act.

Ileana Smith

Ileana Smith

Communication Liaison

When I am not volunteering I am working, spending time with family, friends and our fur babies. In the bustle of my commitments I try to take some time to relax and journey to a traveling adventure. 

John Smith

John Smith

Marketing Officer

I work as the marketing officer for Cpl. Chad O foundation. Our mission from day one has always been to help one family and ensure their loved one get “All The Way Home”. Since that day we have helped a great number of enlisted men and women get their lives back.

Carla Caleffie

Carla Caleffie

Board member

When I’m not volunteering, I am spending time with my little maltipoo, Gracie! When I can’t be at home with her, I’m working for the Office of the Inspector General near the Domain.

Amy Towers

Amy Wooten

San Antonio Area Liaison

The moment I learned about everything this organization does for our Military Men and Women who suffer from P.T.S.D., I knew had to be a part of it. And never did I imagine I would be where I am at now with this foundation, but I am so tremendously honored to be.

Joshua Locke

Josh Locke

Board member

I’m a retired Green Beret with 54 months of Combat rotations. I know how important this treatment is for these Veterans. Non-pharmaceutical is key, you can’t fix an amputee with a band-aid so why try to hide trauma with meds creating an entirely new issue for the Veteran to deal with that could prove fatal.

Shannon G CplChadO 1

Shannon Guerra

Board member

Bio to come!

Karissa a CplChadO

Karissa Allen


This organization was the first to work with me to create their website! After learning about the mission, I wanted to be more involved in helping soldiers reclaim their lives! This is a group of volunteers that are so selfless and motivated to make a difference. I’m so happy our paths collided!

Tamara Everard

Tamara Everard


Continue to raise awareness & support those suffering with PTSD. We all know of someone that has served our country in some form of service & may they receive the treatment needed in dealing with their hidden wounds.