Letters pt. 9

Our Letters to Veterans series is for people who want to send letters to their loved ones who have died in combat. We may not be able to send them physically but we hope this will reach them.

The contents of this page may be graphic. The following are actual letters we have received. 


Some names have been crossed out for privacy purposes, but otherwise the content has not been edited or censored in any way. 


If you would like to write us a letter, you will find our mailing address and an option to upload your letter Here.


If you would like to remain anonymous, you may sign your letter with X’s.

I had my backdoor open today, I heard the wind chimes making such a peaceful sound – it made my heart a little sad.


I worked in the attendance office at McNeil and as you can guess, I got to know Chad very very well – we became quite close – after a while, I couldnt help but melt when he looked at me with those big brown eyes!


At the end of his senior year, he brought me a thank you card and the wind chimes to thank me for pushing him and helping him get his diploma.


I read alot from the page today and I just looooooved this : “the McNeil High School student who had pushed his friends into every kind of mischief imaginable, giggling all the way.” Thats the Chad I knew and remember, thats soooo him – soooo sweet!


It saddens me that they failed him…and that we lost him too soon.


I hope to help out in May! 

<3 Carla


Carla Caleffie Neipert, Volunteer

March 13, 2011

Thanks for being a part of our life for your time in Arizona. Your smile is etched in my memory. You are missed, Chad.




June 17, 2008

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Letters pt. 9

Our Letters to Veterans series is for people who want...

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