Letters pt. 8

Our Letters to Veterans series is for people who want to send letters to their loved ones who have died in combat. We may not be able to send them physically but we hope this will reach them.

The contents of this page may be graphic. The following are actual letters we have received. 


Some names have been crossed out for privacy purposes, but otherwise the content has not been edited or censored in any way. 


If you would like to write us a letter, you will find our mailing address and an option to upload your letter Here.


If you would like to remain anonymous, you may sign your letter with X’s.

Hi Julie,


“I think about Chad O. often, especially around Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. He was one of my Junior English students—his goofy grin sticks with me more than anything. My best memory is the first of two visits he made after he graduated—he came in during lunch time to say hello, and we ended up talking so much that I didn’t even realize my last class had come in. 


He stayed the rest of the day and I scratched all my lesson plans while we listened to him tell funny stories about his life after high school. The kids were totally enamored with him—he had that effect on people.


As his teacher, my heart broke when I heard he was gone—all I could think about was the lost potential. As the wife of a vet, I’m pissed off at how our military failed to help him. And as a parent, I can’t even imagine your grief—you have been through every parent’s worst nightmare. Where is his memorial bench? I would love to visit it. ”


Lori Sandifer

May 30, 2011

With love and heavy hearts we say goodbye to a wonderful young man. Let his life be remembered and shed light to those in need.


Jimmy, Andrea, Logan, Kate Phillips 


June 17, 2008

Thank you for making part of the trail a reminder of what we love. I didn’t know Chad, but I do have sons, one of them, my step son, finished a tour in Iraq in November. I always, and I mean always, stop to look at the beauty that you have created. 


I would want someone to do that if it was my son. Thank you for allowing me to stop and remember how much I have when I am on my run. I will make a donation tomorrow.


Jill Beardsley 


December 12, 2010


I miss you and wished that I had just one more chance to tell you that I love you, you were more than a nephew to me and your Aunt Tam, we both miss you and are very proud to have had you in our lives, thank you Chad Mo.

Byron Smith 


July 17, 2008

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