Letters pt. 7

Letters to Veterans

The contents of this page may be graphic. The following are actual letters we have received. Some names have been crossed out for privacy purposes, but otherwise the content has not been edited or censored in any way.

If you would like to write us a letter, you may mail or it type out. If you would like to remain anonymous, you may sign your letter with X’s.


My name is Jordan. I remember the first time I met Chad in the Marine Corps.

I had arrived at Camp Pendleton, CA. I was about halfway through School of Infantry training. At morning formation, we were asked to choose our MOS’s. Everyone chose Infantryman(0311), Machine Gunner(0331), and Assaultman(0351) for their top choices. I chose Mortarman(0341). There were almost 30 other Marines that chose the same MOS. Chad was one of them.

Chad and I would compete everyday, performing gun drills. He would always set his gun up next to mine. He was one of the fastest Mortarmen A-gunner’s I ever knew. From there, we moved onto 29 Palms, CA to be put in 3/7 Weapons Company.

Many Marines in our company didnt know how to pronounce Oligschlaeger, that’s when the nickname “O-G” was born. Chad was put in a different platoon than me, but that was okay because we were still in the same barracks together.

He liked to have a good time. I always tried to look after him after he’d been drinking too much. I remember all the hard training we spent together in 81′s platoon when we went to Bridgeport, CA. Chad was tough and always determined to get the job done. I’ve looked over all the pictures of Chad in the gallery. I always liked taking pictures of us training. Several of my pictures are in the gallery. I so glad my photos contributed to this website to remember Chad and all the training he’s done.

He’s another you don’t have in the gallery yet. I miss Chad, and I’ll be thinking of him on this coming Memorial Day. Semper Fidelis.

Sgt. Jordan Meek, USMC

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