Breaking the Stigma – An Interview with Former US Marine Kevin Manazir


Admitting you need help is a sign of strength

In an interview with Kevin Manazir, a U.S. Marine Corps Sgt., gives his testimony of his lived experience with mental health, and the military. He boldly and bravely explains how speaking up is often retaliated against with verbal abuse. Seeking help comes with it’s hurdles, especially when those in leadership need more help they can offer their troops.

But getting help is worth it, it is a situation where we have to choose our hard. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of work to do before PTSD is treated as it should be in the military. Thankfully people like Kevin show that it is possible to come out of the darkness and experience a full and fulfilling life!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking the Stigma – An Interview with Former US Marine Kevin Manazir”

  1. Thank you Chad O.,
    Your legacy lives to help and serve those brothers and sisters, like my son.
    Kevin, I’m proud of your continued service in the veteran community, and your involvement with the Cpl. Chad O. PTSD foundation.


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