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No one in this organization gets paid. We are all volunteers.

Who We Are

Our organization is formed from many of Chad’s dearest friends, his parents, family members, veterans, and numerous volunteers.


Our plight is that there will come a day in the United States that PTSD will be recognized by the government, the military, and the American people as the tragedy of war it is


And then, all of the military men and women who have been causalities of this Hidden Wound will be given the honor and recognition they have earned.

We began shortly after the death of Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlaeger, USMC,  when we found out that he was not the only one to die at the hands of the military doctors.


Like many people in the United States, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our military was not a problem we had encountered nor did we have any knowledge of, so we remain dedicated to providing resources and community to veterans suffering With PTSD


Learn more about chads story here.

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What We Do

We are proud to help victims of PTSD through education, awareness, events, and a variety of resources. Our website is our hub for resources from multiple organizations, books and the VA. So that Military personnel as well as the public can educate themselves on what is PTSD as well as treatment options other than drugs.

We have put together this website in hopes that it will make it easier for people to learn about PTSD. Within the pages, you will find links to articles, books, and videos as well as links to the VA and other websites for more information.

Currently, we hold events in Texas, that help us raise money to maintain this informational website and also help us to support and sponsor military personnel and families. You are not alone. We hope you find the information you need within this site to overcome PTSD.

Our Mission

Our foundation has three goals of equal importance. They are;

To raise awareness of PTSD to the general public

To be a resource for information to the public and military personal about post traumatic stress

And to give alternative treatment information to military personal with PTSD

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Trail of Honor

Our Buy a Brick program allows you to get a brick engraved and added to Chad's memorial bench

Awareness Wall

Upload your fallen soldiers photo and information to add their ribbon to the Awareness Wall

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