13 Videos for understanding PTSD


Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlaeger Foundation

Tania Glenn, PsyD, LCSW, explaining EMDR. Testimonials from Liam Patrick Fuller, Owner Blackguard Customs, Combat Veteran, U.S.M.C., and Denny Katona, Founder and CEO, O.P. Veteran, Combat Veteran, U.S. Army. Goldstar Mother, Co-Founder of Cpl. Chad O Foundation speaking about Chad.

PTSD Videos

What Is ‘Moral Injury’?

The Hero Summit. Courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Invisible Wounds – Warriors Helping Warriors Battle PTSD

Cpl. Chris Dupee gives us insight into the troubling silence that many sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder endure.

Special Report: Healing the Hidden Wounds of War

10 on Your Side’s Stephanie Harris reports. Interview with Capt. Jason Haag, author of the blog USMCrazy.

“Now, After” (PTSD From A Soldier’s POV) [contains graphic imagery]

“I went to film school at USC after returning from Iraq. This is what life was like for me then, and this is 100% a true story. Hopefully others – especially those who’ve lived it – can get something out of this film.”

Mini Documentary: Suicide

Embedded in this article is a mini-documentary on suicide created by Devin Mitchell founder of the Veteran Vision Project.

The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda [Trailer]

Featuring interviews with over 80 soldiers and experts, this penetrating documentary shatters the façade to reveal the real culprits who are destroying our world’s militaries from within.

Veterans Affairs Committee to investigate painkiller overdoses – Jim Axelrod – September 20, 2013

Veterans Affairs Committee to investigate painkiller overdoses. Narcotics prescriptions are up 259%. VA patients are being given too many pills, and dying from accidental overdose while following doctor’s orders. Jim Axelrod reports.

G.I.’s Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ – ABC News

Brian Ross investigates dangerous human drug experiments. Veterans with PTSD in questionable drug trials, linked to violent psychotic behavior and even suicide. VA docs knew and did not warn vets.

Why are soldiers dying in their sleep? ABC11 Raleigh, NC

Steve Daniels reports: Why are soldiers dying in their sleep? Parents of these fallen soldiers blame the military doctors and prescription medications.

Colonel Bart Billings, Psychologist—Help our Veterans, Don’t Label & Drug Them

Colonel Bart Billings, Psychologist.

Chad Oligschlaeger – The Denver Post – August 24, 2008

Chad Oligschlaeger repeatedly sought help. For that he was called a wuss and sent on more tours.

Nightline Clip – November 27, 2008

Bob Woodruff reports.

Links to More Video Clips

  • 60 Minutes Overtime 11.24.13 – Why a group of veterans with PTSD allowed 60 Minutes cameras to record their gut-wrenching therapy sessions and air them on national television.
  • Eric and Julie interview (04-28-2014) – A special dedication is happening next weekend for a local marine who suffered from PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Chad Oligschlaeger’s parents, Julie Oligschlaeger and Eric Oligschlaeger, joined KVUE to talk about the dedication. The annual memorial for Chad is held to honor his life, but also to spread the word about the harm of prescription medications used to treat PTSD. The dedication will begin at 11a.m.on May 3.The bench is located in Rattan Creek in the Millwood Subdivision.

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