Help For Veterans With PTSD

We exist to provide public awareness, resources and non-pharmaceutical treatment for our active duty, veterans and their families who have been affected by the harsh realities of combat.

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There are multiple effective ways to treat PTSD without medicine.

“One study commissioned by Kaiser Permanente found that 100 percent of single-trauma victims and 77 percent of multi-trauma victims no longer had a PTSD diagnosis after just six EMDR therapy sessions.”

In 2012, suicide was the #1 cause of death among troops.

With all the traumatic events our troops witness and experience during warfare, it is no surprise that so many suffer from PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not about what’s wrong with someone, but about what happened to them.

We are proud to help victims of PTSD through education, awareness, events, and a variety of resources that can be found in this informational website. 

To veterans and families learning about this silent killer, we hope you find the resources you need to overcome PTSD. 

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All cases of PTSD are treatable, connect with our staff to learn more about PTSD and possible treatment options. 

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We focus on EMDR for treatment of PTSD. But there is a wide variety of alternative options that are more effective than medicine alone.


Navigating PTSD isn’t easy and should not be done alone. We’ve compiled resources to help on the journey.

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